Mamiwata and seemonsters

Mamiwata and seemonsters

"Observation curieuse sur le voyage" et tournement des merveilleuses  tables de mer. .. en la ville d Anvers...
Journies in the past, it took a long time to discover new land & oceans. ... there were a lot of stories about seemonsters, mamiwata ... If you start reading with other eyes the today's news papers... nothing has changed only speed. .. we still tell stories about foreign cultures or people. .. The other is always wrong, evil or a monster. This point of view tell more about ourself then about the other.

Evelien Verschroeven

Evelien Verschroeven


Evelien Verschroeven
Rudi Snauwaert
Annelies Bollaers
Sam Timmerman
Philippe Badert
tina stynen
Paul Hofman
Elsa van den Hoogen
Greet Willems
liesbeth cortleven
Muriel Princen
Lisa Van Coillie
Coralie Lagae