Open Call

Exhibiting at FOD?

The FOD Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue is opening its entrance hall to various artistic expressions. The organisation is thus seeking a better connection with neighbourhood life and wants to offer visual artists active in Belgium a forum and support them in their careers.

The FOD is warmly calling on interested artists to apply for a temporary exhibition lasting two to three months. The 400 sq m entrance hall provides an ideal forum to interact with the general public. Moreover, the FPS supports the exhibitions promotionally and possible income from the sale of works goes 100% to the artists. They are therefore free to sell works during the exhibition but the FPS does not intervene in the transactions in any way.

31 December 2022

Project dossier
To apply for an exhibition, the FPS asks interested artists to compile a project dossier and send it via e-mail to

Selection committee
A selection committee will assess the proposals based on the project files received. These can be from individual artists, students or organisations where group exhibitions are also possible.

The FPS creates flyers, posters, online communication and videos for each exhibition. It also takes care of the insurance of the works of art and provides material to build the exhibition (ladders, scaffolding, hanging system).

For more information about the exhibitions at the FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue, please email