Entropy Wired

Entropy Wired

Is an artwork installation that came to be through a colaboration of the artist-collective FoodForFools I'm in
for /DIFFERENT STROKES/ by female artist club.
Entropy Wired
The universe is in a constant state or dissolution. This artwork is an observation of that process on a social scale. 
It is a critique towards every system that doesn’t reinvent and adjusts itself on time to the needs of its social problems. A problem that is frequently discussed in our collective.

What started out as a complete piece of fabric got carefully cut and artificially placed in a web. This web ‘freezes’ the decomposition of the ribbons knowing they can’t be reunited anymore.
The first layer of this artwork consists of olive green ribbons that are a reference towards the first layer painters use to paint skin. The black grids refers to a widely used technique in the graffiti scene to emphasize an image. 
In the layer above we can see a cheap faux patent leather that must retain a rusted coloured fabric. 
The old elite held together by the unrecognized new generation.

The tooth of decay emphasizes that reformations are ever so necessary and when this doesn’t happen, the curtain will certainly collapse one day.

Basten Basstanie

Basten Basstanie


Lut Moerenhout " Salambo"
Bibi Budzynska
Eefje Van den Brande
Koerkovitsj Anastasija
Hilde Van Impe
Caroline Knockaert
John ( Jonaz ) Heyninck
Anita Blomme
Johan Mattheus
Anthony D'Hoop
Caroline Knockaert
Koen Vlerick