Liquidity is an installation with integrated dual videoloops. It buids on themes such as impermanence, desire and value.

The videoloops use advertising footage in strong contrast to the accompanying subtitles. These consist of pieces of text found on selfhelp-websites for people who deal with psychological problems. While the first video shows fragments of anonymous users that use the fora to ask for help, the other shows fragments of answers from the people who try to comfort and advise. Often these people deal with problems themselves, given these websites are mostly used by people who can’t afford professional help and are thus forced to call on an online community of peers and volunteers.

Diego Latruwe

Diego Latruwe


Trees De Brabander
Hanneke Borghouts
marleen faes
Els Van Steendam
Chris Van Autryve
Stijn De Pourcq
Nadine Roelands
Rudi Snauwaert
Juliette van de Walle
Nousjka Daniëls
Dirk De Worm
Fred Laureyns
John Dalton
Dilum Coppens