Aqua Alta / Bacchanalia

Aqua Alta / Bacchanalia

A trip to the Venice Biennale, and my encounter with the city, gave me the inspiration for the work “Aqua Alta/Bacchanalia”. 

Firstly, on the first night our group had the chance to witness an “aqua alta” or high water, where a big part of the city was flooded. While I witnessed a small part, the group I was travelling with had a whole adventure. Someone slipped in the water and cut his toe, transforming the blue water into a red massacre. 
I have always felt very free and liberated, but at the same time afraid of the depth, while swimming or submerged in water. The idea and feeling of “aqua alta” gave me that same impression: the alarm that announced the rising of the water, together with the security guys who guided people towards drier grounds gave me a fright, but at the same time I wanted to dance in the rising water like some sort of nymph. My encounter with the city at the same time gave me a direction connection to the ritual “bacchanalia’s”.

Dilum Coppens

Dilum Coppens


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