Bright, joyful, colourful and sweet like a candybar! This pretty much sums up this work. Inspired by blossoming trees, beautiful flowers and soft early spring pastel colours. This work immedeately sets a postive mood in the room.

Having a bad day? Take a look at Candybar and it will all be okay!

Do you like the colours? Then you might like Lulu too. 

Acrylics on canvas - 60x80 cm
Elena Gontcharova

Elena Gontcharova


Nera Vandendriessche
monique hertleer
Katrien Pandelaers
Jozef Jambon
Lieve Dumoulin
Guido Massoels
bruno van dycke
marjan brabants
Gloria Romberg
Anne Callebaut
Brecht Taillieu
Patrik Rogiers
Jef van Ruyssevelt