Landscape P0036

Landscape P0036

I searched for an updated view on the traditional representation of landscapes. Today, GoogleMaps is my way to explore the landscape. The top views have inspired me to create a new series of painted screenshots of landscapes.This framed artwork is a top view of a common residential area with delimited plots and driveways that end up in walking paths. A simplified view on how we are living today in our safe cocoons. The colors are tempered and the light is enhanced, to create a silenced landscape, as a blanket around our cocoons to make them even more safe.

20 op 30 cm
Hilde Goossens

Hilde Goossens


Jeanne De Buyser
Marc Goddefroy
joelle janssens
Jeannine Devue
Koen Vlerick
Denis Delodder
Tony Coppens
luc verschuere
Cecilia Arons
Anne-Sophie De Mey
Wim Carrette