I love how natural light can create so many different shadows and atmospheres. No day, hour or minute is the same, it's a beautiful show that never ceases to amaze me. LUKA is a small piece of wall art. Luka is at her best next to a window or another place with lots of natural light. She is about 15 cm small, completely handmade from brass and tin solder. You can buy Luka with matted or polished finish.

messing muurjuweel van 12 op 12 cm
Hartwerp - Lien Van Deuren

Hartwerp - Lien Van Deuren


Dirk thienpont
Ann Verdonck
Yvette Van Win
Celine Vandeweghe
Jennifer Taricani
Meldarion De Broe
Koen Vlerick
Carlos Vande Neste
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Anneleen E.M.M. Pruvoost
Koen Vlerick
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