'The Flow Series #5' (Coast feeling) 2 paired paintings

'The Flow Series #5' (Coast feeling) 2 paired paintings

2 Original paired paintings from 'The Flow Series #5' (Coast feeling)

I imagine weathered oak and whitewashed painted furniture would look great in a combo with these paintings.
The sea is not far away than....

These are original paintings, not prints!
Two matching paintings cosy together. For a nice litte art gallery. Perfect for your living room, hall, studio, office……! No need to sit back and stare at a blank wall any more:)
Inspired by the beauty, drama & love of nature!
An ongoing practice of layering, trying, scraping or adding paint – to create movement and texture.

Professional acrylic paint on quality paper (Steinbach)
Unframed – requires framing
Size: EACH painting is: 28.35 × 21.26 in - 72 x 54 cm
This are unique works, not prints! - Certificate of authenticity Included – signed in front and/or back

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Netka: my art is as simple and complicated as life itself. Black, white & all colors in between. Tidy, messy, dull, exciting. Not choosing the easiest route but the most interesting one, every day again.

72 x 54cm
Netka Croonenborghs

Netka Croonenborghs


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