Game changer

Game changer

Game changer: Consists of an old wooden block where the drills were kept (Joinery). The colors blue and pink the typical colors in ‘80.

1980: The first compact video games are released. Packman/Tetris/Donkey Kong.

Game changer is an imaginary game that leads its own life. That makes you daydream and where you go back in time. Memories come up: The daydreaming begins. Suddenly something happens to the colors. There comes a surprising tipping point, a turning point in the game. Where the proportions suddenly change drastically. Is it a mindset or a mindfuck. Who knows…

Nico de Kind

Nico de Kind


Saara Menll
Carlos Vande Neste
Jan Van Braekel
Bart Van Der Schueren
Francine Vanlerberghe
Jolien De Nijs
Miejef Callaert
Bruno Ghesquiere
Els Wydaeghe
Luc Leye
Joeri Van Royen
bob roes