Lodge of Akrasia III

Lodge of Akrasia III

Akrasia is defined by Aristotle and Socrates as the state of acting against your better judgment. When you do one thing even when you know you should be doing something else. The human mind going against its own boundaries and thought processes. Or is it the mind going against preformed knowledge trying out a pathway into undiscovered territory?

120x180 cm
Ommery De Zutter

Ommery De Zutter


Stefan Tackx
Greet Gemis
Marie-Laure Goffin
Walter De Cleene
Andronikos Boulougouris
Sandra Werix
Peter Bodequin
Janke van der Tuin
Ivo Voutov


Kasper Derycke
Chris Van Autryve
Diego Latruwe
Martin JOLY
Leen Vereecken