5 tips to get the most out of your profile

How to improve your artist profile on Beeld? These brief tips will get you started. 

1. Let’s get personal

With a completed profile, people will get to know you faster.  Therefore, it is important to add some personal details to your profile. A profile picture makes the first impression, so don't forget it. Don't forget to fill in your place of residence. This way you will appear in the search overview of organisers who visit Beeld because they are looking for a suitable artist in a certain region. Want to build contacts through Beeld? Then you can also add your e-mail address to your artist page. This way, other artists or organisers can reach you quickly. By indicating your favourite techniques, you will receive a personalised overview of works that match your interests. And your year of birth? That's important information for us to keep fine-tuning the platform.
Check our terms of use to read more on how we use your personal information.

2. Kill your darlings

We like to see what you're making. So make sure it is clear at one glance what you are doing. The motto that can help you select your work? Less is more.   
Our ultimate tip: think about the story you want to tell. Do you want to show a variety of works? Or would you rather focus on a particular series? That's up to you.   
Did you know that you can also hide added works? This way, you can regularly change the works you show in your profile without deleting them. Would you rather not show a work for a while? Do not worry, you do not have to delete it. Under the item FAQ you can read how to (temporarily) hide work on your profile from visitors.  
You can also add your website, Instagram and/or Facebook page to Beeld. This way you can refer interested visitors to your sketches, a look behind the scenes or a website with a complete overview of your work. 

3. Keep it short

A picture is worth a thousand words. But to prove the contrary: interested visitors do value a text. If you do not know where to start: start with a short bio. It gives you the chance to introduce yourself and explain your work. Who are you? What are you working on? What characterises you as an artist and what makes your work stand out? Here, for instance, choose an inspiring quote or an excerpt in which others describe your work or work process, thus creating a fresh artist page. On Beeld, you can add a more extensive text alongside your short bio, in which you can include additional information. For example, you can add a list of your most important exhibitions or training courses.

4. Put your work in the picture 

You do not know how to properly display your work? Then be sure to consult the online publication 'How to photograph your work' on Kunstwerkt. Tips about a nice lighting, a good background and interesting framing will bring you step by step to the picture your work deserves. 

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