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Beeld is an online platform for artists, organisers and visual arts enthusiasts. Whether you make your own work and want to share it, seek artists for your upcoming open call or want to see inspiring work: Beeld is the place to be.

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Are you ready to share your work with the world? With a profile on our online platform Beeld, you can easily create your own portfolio. Still looking for a suitable way to showcase your work? These five short tips will help you create a strong profile, step by step.
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On Beeld, you will not only find many artists, you will also discover your next chance to go out in the world with your work. In this useful overview, we collect open calls that may challenge your work. By subscribing to our newsletter (in Dutch), you will receive regular updates of new open calls.  

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Looking for a visual artist for your opportunity? Or need a specific work that fits perfectly within an upcoming open call? On Beeld, we will bring your open call towards the right artists. Are you ready to launch? Mail your promo material (campaign image, short text and contest rules) to ward@kunstwerkt.be.  
At Beeld, we put the artists first and apply Creative Fair Play

Tips & tricks
Are you putting the finishing touches to your next open call? Do you still have some questions while writing out the contest rules or putting together the perfect jury? This online guide for organisers can help you create the ideal open call, whether small or large. 

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On Beeld, you can search very specifically for artists in your neighbourhood, or for works in a specific style. Do this through our search function.  Curious about the visual artists for your next show opportunity? Start your search here on Beeld. 
Do you have any questions? Check our FAQ or send us your question via info@beeld.be