"Antimateria in frantumi" series

"Antimateria in frantumi" series

Further experimentation and exploration during and after previous works led to the creation of the series “Antimateria in frantumi”, which shows the development of my paintings during the same extended period. A continuation in the line of the “Collapsing Space in Progress” series led me to discover the idea of the “white”, “pure”, or “empty” space of the canvas, in which marks could create “tears” or “anti-matter” in contrast of the white space or material of the canvas. 

Firstly, I made a work which shows the discovery of the white space of the canvas.
Secondly, I translated the idea of the “shatter” drawings onto canvas to explore its implications.
The final 2 paintings sought out to make a merge of both the “Collapsing Space in Progress” and the “shatters”.

2x 120x170cm, 2x 150x200cm
Dilum Coppens

Dilum Coppens


Griet Van der Veken
Nathalie De Clercq
Koen Vlerick
Astrid Mourik- de Wit
Lucie De Ridder
Ans Joosten
Evelien Verschroeven
Christine Viaene
Andro Boulougouris
jelle van den heede
Jean-Marie Petyt
Rosita Allinckx