'BUNNYPLACE -1' detail

'BUNNYPLACE -1' detail

‘BUNNYPLACE -1: Troo Th’ Bunnyhole’

Minus One, Ghent (BE)

30 & 31 & 01 AUGUST 2017
14:00 - 20:00
20:00 - …

“…so you got this BUNNYPLACE*, like minus one underground, with this guy workin’ there. You know, artsy like. Creating this ‘installation’, or whatever they call that kinda stuff.”                                                                                                

* BUNNYPLACE is part of BUNNYCOUNTRY. Bunnyman lives there, followed by SADheads, CRACKheads and some FAKEheads.

“Have been told you can visit while the guy is setting the 'instal-thing’ up. They tell me you can give 'im some suggestions, tell 'im what he aught to do with the stuff he has packed up there, arts stuff I guess. And while he’s doing what he be doin’! Crazy, right?!”

“Also! You can actually work there yourself! Do somethin’ you wanna do with his stuff! And yea’, you can even set up somethin’ of your own! Work together with 'im!”

“The guy is this werewolf fella. But instead of a wolf, we’re talking about a bunny! No fullmoon ****, he turns whenever! The guy, 'Detlef 'Godzoro’ Packo’, turns into Bunnyman! No joke!”

“What’s a 'finisage’? Hah! Just a fancy word for the ending of an 'artsy thing’. At that BUNNYPLACE, it means that 'installation’ can’t be changed no more. Frozen like. Or so I heard.”

“So, we goin’, baby?”

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Detlef 'Godzoro' Packo

Detlef 'Godzoro' Packo


Annelies Bollaers
Jonas Nelissen
Jan Deckx
Tim Trenson
Chris Van Autryve
Femke Pues
Koen Vlerick
Liesbeth Van kelst
Rinie Hoogendoorn
Niels Huizer
Wim Van der Velden
Anneleen E.M.M. Pruvoost
Trees De Brabander
Eline 't Sant
Dimitri Vanderhaeghen
Caroline Vandenhaesevelde