Statement on the inertial energy of the Sun

Statement on the inertial energy of the Sun

Furthering on “The Sibylline Dairy” and my fascination for the complex reality of gravity, “Statement on the inertial energy of the Sun” is my first work which thoroughly mixes science and mythology.

The work looks like an ancient clay tablet, a mythological vision on the physics involved with the sun. Representational and symbolic images are mixed with expressive splashes of paint and almost nonsensical scribbles and texts. Contemporary theories on light are mixed with volcanic eruptions and blasphemy, creating the impression of an ancient deity or ritual mixed with quantum gravity.

The strength of the work lies with the many facets that have been incorporated into it. The many layers that make up the work provide the many impressions that come together. There are sentences or images on every part of the canvas that can always be associated with the rest, but which in essence have very little objective connection with each other. It is only through the meaning that the public adds to the work that a connection is created. A connection that probably goes beyond my original creation.

Dilum Coppens

Dilum Coppens


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