In researched trustworthy objects I found that you can divide trust into many different aspects, but an object that possesses all these aspects is not guaranteed to be trustworthy. In other words the definition of trust is irreversible. A trustworthy object can be defined by these aspects but you can not rely on them to design a trustworthy object.I tried to visualize this irreversibility by reusing broken objects we once trusted in a new way. By giving a broken object a new purpose, a new meaning, you can shift your personal experiences and feelings of trust to the new object.I used objects that are not completely broken because they retain a sense of their function. When an object is totally broken it loses its trustworthiness. Repeated actions leave a trace of use that encourages trust, so I used this in floor coverings. For my repurposed objects I made the function of the new object reflect that of the old. The floor coverings imply the use off different people.

Han Decorte

Han Decorte


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