It’s All in The Mix

It’s All in The Mix

The most important rule when making a great cocktail, the rule that supersedes everything else, is that balance is everything. All flavours are completely irrelevant if a drink is out of balance.

The same goes for life, we can be doing fantastic in one area but to feel truly happy we need balance in all areas of our lives. Love, work, friendship, adventure, education, … it’s all in the mix. ❤️

It’s All in The Mix
60x80 cm 
Mixed media (acrylics, colored pencil, ink, gold leaf & resin) on wood.


60x80 cm
Kathleen Steegmans

Kathleen Steegmans


Martine Vyvey
Jean Waltraevens
Koen Caerels
Antoinette Donkers-Dekker
Jean-Marie Petyt
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