Let's dance

Let's dance

Let's dance
Until our shadow turns to colour
Bright as life can be

Let´s dance
Until we find another puzzeled piece
Hidden in layers of that we call self

Let´s dance
Until we meet, you and I
In a realm behind our dreams

Let´s dance
Until we shake off all our fears
Vulnerable and naked freely

Let´s dance
Until we remember and forget
And can simply be

42 x 59
Kim Deracourt

Kim Deracourt


Imelda Feraille
Walter Amssoms
Danny Boterdael
Chris Van Autryve
Hilde NIJS
J&B Jadot & Barbier
Betty Rabijns
Timmy Decoene
Annie Guns
Babette Cooijmans
Chris Van Thienen
Ingrid Gortack