The key to dreams 1-4

The key to dreams 1-4

The paintings depict 4 small objects with similar shape that fit in the palm of your hand. 

They symbolize age-old expectations towards women: fulfilling the wishes of others (their husband in particular), looking beautiful themselves and providing a beautiful home, enduring menstrual (and other) pain and definitely not complain about it, sacrifice themselves for their family (this also touches on the subject of the persistently high rates of femicide). At the same time, some of these objects also helped the emancipation of women: the tampon, the sex toy, the lipstick. The other side of this emancipation is consumption. The 4 objects in the paintings represent some of the largest industries that dominate our world (beauty industry, weapon industry, sex industry). 

My inspiration for this work was the painting 'the key to dreams' by Magritte 

20x20 x 4
Lieselot Deckers

Lieselot Deckers


Inge van der Ven
Julie Paeshuys
Goedele LAGAE
Jacky Verelst
Jurgen Declerck
Raf Dotremont
Sofie Bauwens ☆☽ zeeka
Jill Mens
Annick Goesaert
Chris Horions
Liliane Demeester
Natali Antonovich