About this work.

While experimenting with A.I. technology, at some point, I always find myself in a position of some kind of emptiness. Like if there is no soul to the images being created. The images often look to perfect, too happy, to polished, too fake, showing once again, the surreal world of the digital. A world, where anyone can be deceived in believing that what he/she has been searching for, is the ultimate truth, while actually being the complete opposite.

As in A.I., social media tries to figure us out by using their algorithm, checking our timespan and all of our data, ... all with the sad single purpose of making money.  Again leaving many of us, with a deep feeling of loneliness, depression, emptiness, ...

In this work, I try to raise awareness of the dangers and the rising problems in mental health caused by social media and other new digital media.

By trying to show human feeling of emptiness, depression, loneliness created with A.I. .
Strong A.I. portraits representing those sometimes, devastating feelings.

I tried using A.I. to create images with a soul. Trying to show the true feelings behind the facade of perfection and beauty. Trying to show that feelings of pain, suffering and sadness are feelings ok to have. 

Love and a shared feeling of pain & suffering is what combines us all in our human existence. 


For as far as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the texture of voile.
The subtle movement it makes when touched by wind.
The soft skin-like feeling when touched by hand.
The fascinating moiré effect it creates when two pieces gently move over one another.
Sometimes being gently attracted towards one another, sometimes abruptly shifting it's weights in different directions.
For me, it's the perfect texture I was looking for and so voile has become my main go-to-texture as a canvas.
The movements, the softness and elegance, are exactly what I was looking for to tell stories of surpassed trauma's.
My iPhone photography as well as A.I.-created artworks have found their way onto this fragile texture.
I then film the works, to intensify the message I want to send out.
A story of life, love, vulnerability, acceptance and resilience of a shared sufferance in the fragile human existence.
Ensemble dans cette douleur partagée.

Olivier Verbeke

Olivier Verbeke