The Border

The Border

"The ambiguity that the piece conveys makes us puzzled about the personal action of the artist. It is as if it is telling us that an object is like a language, right in front of us, showing us its skin. The rectangularity of the piece is impossible to sustain because one of its boundaries is destroyed. Tracing the outline of The border is called to a halt, teaching us the aberration of an accident. "
Jorge Torres - director of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Cuba

95 x 35 x 25 cm
Gert Scheerlinck

Gert Scheerlinck


Georges Daemen
Edith Meijering
Bart Van Der Schueren


Ann Dierckx
Emanuele Dainotti
Carlos Vande Neste
Liliane Demeester
Christel Hannes
Krist Van de Casteele
Charlot Catteeuw


Carlos Vande Neste
Piet Vermeulen
Bart Thomas